Bring on the barriers

Tuesday, August 16 2016

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure knows how dangerous the ferry linup on Gabriola is.

Especially when it comes to illegal u-turns. And the increasingly busy ferry terminal area.

But there is still no action when it comes to installing any kind of barrier or other form of physical discouragement to keep drivers from making those illegal u-turns.

While likely to be most effective, concrete barriers would require widening the actual road surface to allow for all sizes of vehicles to drive down the road.

The plastic barriers, as noted in previous editorials, are used to great efficacy on the Lower Mainland, would be ideal.

The pickup/motorcycle collision this past Sunday would certainly have been prevented if those barriers were installed.

MOTI knows all this, but unless someone is more seriously injured, or killed, there is no expectation MOTI will do anything but, “look into it.” between annual meetings with Gabriola Ratepayers.