Bus ensures everyone has chance to get to Hall to vote on May 14

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News Editor

Monday, May 13 2013

A long time ago, in what seems like another age, it was explained to a young, new-to-Gabriola newspaper editor that there is one simple reason certain people are always elected.

Their supporters always show up to vote.

“Well, of course,” was the first response of said editor. 

The second response was to ask how those supporters always managed to get out to vote.

It was then explained that those with cars, vans and other modes of transportation would make sure they were available to drive people to the polling station on voting day, as well as during the advance voting period, if possible.

Again, the response to this statement was, “If their opponents have such a problem with such tactics, the obvious solution is to get some cars and vans started up and pick up their supporters.”

Democracy doesn’t close the roads on election day after all.

And this year, thanks to the GERTIE bus system, there is one more way for islanders to get to the voting station, which, by the way, is going to be located at the Gabriola Community Hall.

The bus schedule for voting day is printed elsewhere in this Sounder. Take a look at it. The stops are simply the scheduled junctions. Should one need to get on the bus from another location, calculate when the bus will be going past and wave it down to catch a ride to the hall.

There are plenty of reasons people don’t get out and vote, and plenty more why certain votes always seem to go one way.

One of those reasons, this year at least, is not that there is no way for people to get a ride to the voting booth.