Busy? Hit the beach


Tuesday, August 2 2016

Summertime, and the island is busy. Busy with welcomed visitors, busy with families of all types trying to spend time together, busy, busy, busy, busy.

In a place where people spend hundreds of dollars to visit, it can become very easy to get tied up in all the busy-ness.

And we need to - this time of year is essential to making it through that other time of year when we are busy trying to prepare for the next busy. 

This is the place people come to see and enjoy. To get away from their own busy-ness, to breath in the still-fresh sea air, curl their toes in the beaches of Sandwell, Gabriola Sands, and Whalebone. Or walk through the splendor that is Elder Cedar.

To survive through the busy-ness, take some time, and hit the beach, the forest, pause, breath in deep, and then get back to being busy.