Byelection issues


Wednesday, March 27 2019

This is a federal byelection. And it’s one that all the parties want to show their strength in going into the general federal election this fall.

Issues to bring up if one gets a chance to talk to a candidate:

Anchorages. We don’t need more of them. We need better management of how long ships sit idle in Canadian waters.

The commercial herring fishery. End it. Period. Stop feeding a wild salmon food source to farmed fish. If we want to save the southern resident killer whales, stop cutting out the bottom of their food chain.

UNDRIP. Ratify the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) at a national level. Stop playing lip service to First Nations rights.

Pipelines. Get our national government out of the business of owning pipelines. If we’re going to invest in pipelines for anything, it should be to ensure every community in Canada, whether First Nations or settler, has potable drinking water.

Five weeks to voting day.