Catch those speeders

Tuesday, March 13 2018

The provincial government is bringing in Intersection Safety Cameras (ISC) in 84 specific sites throughout BC.

Bring them on.

Each of the sites which were chosen are being targetted because they are the worst of the worst locations for people going entirely too fast and causing crashes.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, an average of 10,500 vehicles go at least 30 km/h over the posted speed limit at each ISC site annually.

So far, the cameras are only being used to ‘analyze’ crash and speed data at the various sites.

Existing red-light cameras will be upgraded to identify and ticket the fastest vehicles.

Working to reduce crashes at these intersections will also have a positive impact on ICBC’s claims costs, and will help keep rates affordable for British Columbians.

In the coming months, analysis of crash and speed data will inform decisions about activating ISC cameras for speed enforcement. New signs will warn approaching drivers about this enhanced intersection enforcement.

The province says the approach is more transparent than the provincial photo radar program that ended in 2001. It used unmarked vans in random locations, issued tickets at low speeding thresholds and tied up police resources with two officers staffing each van.

Perhaps once they have the cameras set up for catching speeders in intersections; they can figure out how to rig them for illegal u-turners in the Gabriola ferry lineup.