Chamber steps up


Tuesday, February 21 2017

There are a lot of advantages of being part of a Regional District - chief among them the shared cost of common services. Like Parks, and Solid Waste (garbage/compost/recyling) collection.

For a while, it looked like Economic Development and Tourism were going to be part of that too.

But alas, the big city at the other end of our ferry route changed things up - and the Electoral Areas were left hanging.

Since it was announced Tourism Nanaimo was going to basically be taken apart, the Gabriola Chamber has been working as best it could to make sure our island does not get left out of this year’s marketing opportunities. 

At least now, with the interim program from the RDN, the Chamber will get paid for that work and having the backing of the local government - as well as funding to take advantage of tourism promotion opportunities. 

All without adding to the tax load of Gabriola.