Christmas gifting

Tuesday, December 22 2015

Years ago, before I arrived in BC, I visited a friend in Tromsa, Norway, and was surprised to hear that when people there got sick the first person they contacted was a spiritual healer. Exactly what happened after that wasn’t clear but the act of reaching out to someone for spiritual help deeply impressed me. Why couldn’t we do that here on Gabriola? 

This year I have noticed more and more people saying, “Oh I don’t send cards anymore,” and “Oh, we don’t do gifts anymore.” And I think that’s sad. Gifting comes in so many forms. It doesn’t have to involve finances at all. For years now a dear neighbour comes over and chops some kindling for me at Christmas, and I so appreciate the gift. 

What I would like to offer this Christmas and indeed in the year ahead, is a gifting of prayer for anyone feeling like they need some spiritual support. I’m happy to receive a call to 250-325-8801 and I’ll go out to my chapel, Callings, light a candle and sit in prayer for you. There is nothing I more value than prayer and especially in my years as a hospital chaplain I’ve seen some pretty amazing results from prayer. Please don’t hesitate to call. It will be another form of gifting to me.

~ Rev. Gai Campbell