Common courtesy key to respecting private property

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News Editor

Monday, July 14 2014

“I stood on the fence and yelled, what gives you the right?!”

~ Signs, Five Man Electrical Band

The issue of using a trail which crosses private property is always a sensitive one, but the key has to be common sense. 

If possible, ask for permission to cross someone’s land. 

If caught unintentionally crossing private land, be courteous and apologize. 

If knowingly crossing private land, be prepared for owners to be less than pleased, and still be courteous.

Being courteous, and respecting the rights of people to own property, has to be part of sharing the island together. 

If there is a trail that someone deems necessary to open to the public, perhaps get the landowner together with GaLTT and see if a trail license can be set up. We’ve given each other the right to private property, and we need to be able to respect it.