Community Hall should be the Emergency Reception Centre

Tuesday, September 26 2017

Dear Editor,

We think it’s an excellent idea to designate the Community Hall as the Emergency Reception Centre (ERC) for Gabriolans living on the south end of the island. Without doubt, this is the best choice for south-enders. Not only is the Community Hall publicly owned, it also provides a large welcoming space; two kitchens; multiple, accessible toilets; and lots of parking. In the case of an extended emergency, the Community Hall could easily provide shelter for many people.

With the installation of a back-up generator, the Community Hall would represent a reliable and appropriate ERC for the south end. And this is crucial for our community.

The Board of the Community Hall has offered to contribute financially towards the necessary generator and we hope that the RDN will accept this wise, community-driven choice to ensure that the south end has the best ERC possible.  

If you think so too, let your voice be heard. You can contact our RDN representative, Howard Houle at: 250-247-8250 or by email at

~ Alois Verlinden and Irene Allison

South-enders, grateful for Gabriola’s community spirit