Dog Boarding issue

Tuesday, December 22 2015

I dive into the hive of island politics for the first time, sharing the perspective of someone who lives next door to a dog sitter. Having moved to Gabriola and becoming permanent neighbours with a pet sitter two months ago has given me the ability to see the dog sitting issue with a clear set of eyes, ample time to analyse the situation, and make a statement. I will only write of this one dog sitter as this is my experience.

The fact is, is my neighbour exercises the utmost respect for the neighbourhood and is considered in my opinion, “low impact” regarding noise and sanitary conditions of dog-sitting. My neighbour’s dog-sitting serves a purpose, has a proper enclosure, is meticulously clean and organized (both inside and out), and the dogs appear happy, social, clean, fed and safe. There is such minimal barking during the day that I don’t even take notice, and none at night. I’ve never witnessed any noticeable amount of dog faeces in the yard that would warrant contacting a professional for an assessment of well water contamination.

Dog-sitting offers a much better solution/environment for the pet itself. Alternatives to dog-sitting may include the tying of the pet up outside (if there is no enclosure), which could pose health and safety concerns for the pet when left unattended for long periods, potential non-stop barking, and stress on the animal. Not to mention lack of food/water, all resulting in more complaints reported than having the pet dog-sat in a safe and professional environment.

Let us please remember that these animals are people’s beloved pets - people who care, and are trying to do the right thing. Much more could be accomplished by finding compromise, giving a little, and patience while finding solution. Let us not forget the people and animals out there worldwide that are being slaughtered, starved and left for dead. If we could just pause for a moment and realize just how good we’ve got it here, maybe some simple dog-sitting services shouldn’t be the bane of existence for some.

~Wanita Simpson