Dog sitting issue has gone on long enough

Tuesday, January 19 2016

To Islands Trust Chair Peter Luckham and Gabriola Local Trust Committee members:

This whole issue on dog sitting/boarding has gone on long enough. I can’t believe the amount of money, time and effort wasted in such a useless effort and by the looks of things, further money and time to be wasted no doubt.

Fundamentally what I really don’t understand is the fact that due to what is obviously a minority who are in favour of pushing this through, seems to have the ear of all levels of LTC, GLTC and Nanaimo City/Municipality.

Please explain to me why this has dragged on for as long as it has and, more importantly, justify the time spent by GLTC and LTC members for such a trivial issue that will most certainly become ugly amongst the public once passed.

I also don’t understand the need to adamantly push this through on “all” lots as opposed to keeping with the current legislation on five-acre lots.

Unless there truly are other political motivations, internal favouritism or personal aspirations/agendas that trump common sense, this whole issue to push this through is a joke on every level.

Other municipalities and communities would laugh at this absurd proposed change in bylaw and/or TUP. If it wasn’t for the amount of time and effort wasted on this ridiculous issue, it truly would be laughable.

Sadly it is not, and the fact that individuals still plan to waste more money, time and effort on this makes this even more discouraging.

Please put an end to this, since I am sure LTC and GLTC can move on with more pressing matters.


Marc Herrmann