Easter Weekend Visitors

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, April 15 2020

I am absolutely dumbfounded and gobsmacked at the number of part-time visitors coming to Gabriola over the Easter Long Weekend.

I fail to understand what part of “don’t travel” this weekend issued repeatedly by our Government Health Professionals, wasn’t clear or that you simply don’t understand!

This completely baffles me and to think there are individuals still not taking the COVID-19 Pandemic seriously!

If you’re one of the part-time visitors over this last weekend and your reading this, shame on you!

Not only are you risking your own health by traveling you are seriously jeapordizing the health and well being of us full time Island residents who are making a concerted community effort by adhering to social physical distancing and taking the necessary precautions and steps to minimize contact in and around our Village Community.

Your actions are completely iresponsible and I do hope that you will wake up and start taking necessary measures to adhere to join everyone else in fighting this nasty pandemic.

I have absolutely no issue with you coming to the Island as you are a part time resident as that is your right! What I take issue with and where you don’t have a right is to travel back and forth during the no travel ban!

If you plan to stay on the Island, hunker down like the rest of us, then do so and stay put! Other than that, stay away and start to self isolate as required at home!

Some of you are probably thinking why I don’t take this complaint to the Powers That Be. I have done so and in fact written to Premier Horgan, AG David Eby, MLA Doug Routley outlining why tighter measure of control can’t be taken on BC Ferries and stop Vancouver Island and neighbouring Gulf Islands non essential travel of part time owners and visitors period!

You may also wonder how on earth does he know who is or isn’t part time? Very true, I don’t know everyone but during my daily walks (alone self isolated) through trails and neighbourhoods, it is obvious by the number of houses normally closed up, no vehicles or any sign of life all of a sudden bustling with life. Trails filled with strangers that normally one doesn’t see and increased pedestrian traffic in the Village Market.

Suffice it to say, it is disappointing to see our fellow human beings continued status quo despite our current situation and obviously not comprehending the potential danger by not adhering to our Health Experts recommendations.

Once the dust clears and we find ourselves in a “new normal” (whatever that is) and our Government Health Experts give the green light for travel, we will welcome everyone with open arms (or perhaps at that time, just touch elbows) :)

~ Marc Herrmann