Editorial: Banking public $$ for future gain


Tuesday, May 10 2016

At (roughly) $50K per year, Christy Clark is making more off her own party’s coffers than many British Columbians make at their jobs, before taxes are paid.

How her party donors think that’s an acceptable use of party funds, that’s still mind-boggling.

Especially as Clark is paid just under $200K+ per year to be the Premier.

Clark is banking as much as she can, because the day is coming when she will no longer be the Premier. 

Her party will lose power while investing public dollars for infrastructure that will be used by private companies. It will be too late for many BC legacies like BC Hydro and BC Ferries. Clark and her cronies will fade away into the corporate world they have built with public dollars (all in the name of boosting the BC economy).  They’re banking on a loss next year. 

They were banking on a loss in 2013, but voters gave them four more years to rip, strip, and mine the province dry.

We have one year until the next election. 

Whoever gets in will either continue with the Liberals’ direction - or look forward to trying to earn multiple terms in office doing damage control on what the Liberals’ have done.