Editorial: BC NDP need to make a dam decision on Site C


Tuesday, November 7 2017

There’s a saying about either using, or getting off, a toilet.

That’s the unenviable position the BC NDP Party is in right now with the Site C Dam.

Most of the NDP were probably hoping the BC Utilities Commission would come out with a clear decision on whether to shut the dam project down, or push on and get it finished.

Instead, in a nutshell, the BCUC said the most expensive decision the government could make would be to put the project on hold. Suspend it.

The longer anyone waits to get on with making a decision, the more money that will be wasted. As pundits pointed out repeatedly last week after the BCUC report was released, work still continues up in Peace Country. Work which costs in the millions per day to continue. Work which will cost millions to reverse - should the BC NDP decide to shut the Site C project down.

The report is also clear in saying that yes, alternative technology is getting cheaper and more efficient every year.

But it remains to be seen if the BC NDP can stand up to BC voters and say it will shut down the project.

Of course, the BC NDP may yet be able to put the blame over to another party. The Green Party.

Green Leader Andrew Weaver minced no words saying, “cancelling Site C will take real leadership. I hope that the B.C. NDP will seize the incredible opportunity before us to develop a 21st Century vision for the future of energy in this province.”

The NDP needs the Greens to stay in power. To accomplish those things it said it would do if - once again - given the opportunity to govern.

Keeping the peace with the BC Greens in the Legislature, may require the BC NDP to kill Site C in the Peace.

That, and the fact that it’s the right decision to do so.