Editorial: BCF has the route-specific financials - just not for the public

Tuesday, January 26 2016

This past week, the BC Ferries corporation announced there had been an increase in passenger and vehicle traffic which coincided with the fare incentive programs run during the bottom half of 2015.

Which surprised absolutely no one who uses the ferries.

If BC Ferries stays true to form, it will not release route-by-route revenue and expense numbers to show whether due to those fare incentives it lost money on the routes which saw the increase in passenger numbers.

The corporation has previously said it would not provide the public with route specific information.

Not that the information isn’t available. When the bridge feasibility study was first announced, BCF CEO Mike Corrigan said BCF would be providing, “what the cost is to operate Route 19 [Gabriola] both on the terminal side and the vessel side as well as the capital required over the time frame to compare to what it would be to operate and build a bridge...we’ll provide any ferry inputs they ask for.” If BCF was providing that information to the consultants, it exists. 

It should be made public. 

From before and after the 2014 cutbacks.