Editorial: Beware passing Barrett

Tuesday, July 12 2016

Yet another collision at the corner of Barrett and North Roads. We hear again from the Gabriola RCMP that it is the highest accident location on Gabriola. One wonders how many vehicles are managing to blow through the stop sign and not hit anyone.

At the most recent roadways meeting (hosted by the Gabriola Ratepayers Association), Transportation Ministry staff heard once again from Gabriolans on how concerned they were with that particular junction. Ministry staff once again said, they have put up two signs, on both sides of Barrett, warning motorists there is a stop sign coming.

Driving up Barrett this past weekend, one could see there is a point where a vehicle passes those warning signs to the point where the actual stop is visible. Tree branches on the right-hand side of Barrett are blocking the view of the stop sign.

Perhaps drivers think those warning signs are for a stop sign a few hundred yards up the roadway, rather than just a few feet. Whatever the reason, the intersection continues to be a danger. Islanders should not be cringing as they drive down North Road, waiting to be the next vehicle to get sideswiped as they go past Barrett. 

Ministry staff need to sort the issue out, and soon, before anything worse happens at the junction.