Editorial: Clark declared best premier in Canada by Fraser Institute.


Wednesday, February 10 2016

This past week, the Fraser Institute claimed BC Premier Christy Clark as the best Premier in Canada.

Being the most fiscally-responsible, in the eyes of the Fraser, makes one ‘the best.’

Without even trying to argue that point though, it is hard to call our Premier the most fiscally-responsible.

While she is very good at not spending money on a lot of things like public education, she is very good at dumping money into large corporate money pits like the Site C Dam.

As for the Fraser’s claim that she is one of the best at keeping down debt, that’s not hard to do with the BC Liberals mode of accounting. 

The method where if there is anything which might create more than a whiff of debt on the provincial books - that department is turned in to a private corporation with the Province as sole share holder. eg. BC Ferries.

Poof. No debt on the provincial books. Ever.

On a side note: Premier Clark’s office released an opinion piece last week in which Clark declared the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) signing a good deal for BC.

Note to all: Clark’s ‘like’ of the TPP should be a massive warning flag to anyone on the fence about whether the TPP is a good thing. It is not. We’re being sold down the river, at a cost too high for most of us, and a massive profit for corporations.

If the Fraser considers Christy Clark to be the best premier in Canada - perhaps we could swap with one of the provinces whose premier scored as the worst.