Editorial: Getting bonus stealing from BC students


Tuesday, January 24 2017

Premier Christy Clark has said she will no longer take the $50,000 per year stipend she’s been receiving from the BC Liberal Party.

Cash the party receives from corporate and union donations. 

Till this past week, Clark and the party leaders before her had been receiving that stipend. This on top of the almost $195,000 salary she receives - per year - to be the Premier of the province. (Average salary in BC, in 2014, according to Statistics Canada, was $76,770.)

Clark and the BC Liberals were recently at the centre of a piece in the New York Times, in which BC was labelled the Wild Wild West of politics. No where else in North America can a corporation make a donation to a party, knowing it will literally fill the pockets of the person in the top spot in government. Some might go so far as to call that a bribe.

Rather than receive the stipend, Clark will instead be having expenses covered on a case by case basis, presumably when on party business instead fulfilling her role as Premier.

This is a party that runs the numbers. 

A recent article in the Vancouver Courier ran the numbers on the 14-year dispute between when then-Education Minister Christy Clark shredded the teachers’ contract, and the recent Supreme Court decision to say the government broke the law in doing so.

According to the Courier’s report, the government saved roughly $300 million a year; about $5 billion in total. So far, the government has been told it has to give $50 million back into the public education system.

This year’s graduation class wasn’t even in preschool when the Liberals started stealing from their education.

But to those who simply look at a balance sheet, the government saved $4.950 billion - all they had to do was break the law. And for that, Clark and previous leaders received $50K/year from the party.

Not taking that party salary is a first step. Eliminating all corporate and union donations is the one that is needed.