Editorial: Pipelines aren’t for Canadians


Tuesday, December 6 2016

$14.3 billion is going to be spent on pipelines approved by the Trudeau government last week.

That will be a $14.3 billion investment on the wrong kind energy infrastructure.

Set aside all climate concerns for a few seconds. 

Consider, if all of that is going to be spent on getting oil to offshore markets - that means none of it is being spent on creating energy for Canadians to use. Nothing to help get the prairies off coal as a source of electricity. Nothing to provide alternatives to the BC Government’s ludicrous Site C Dam project. None of it will get invested into solar, tidal, river-hydro, geo-thermal or any other host of options available in our incredible country.

If Canadian energy companies put that kind of investment into infrastructure designed to sell to Canadians, imagine the benefits everyone would reap. Imagine a Canada where the economy isn’t tied to whether other oil and gas countries were  flooding or draining the market.

The ‘Canadian’ economy has been hooked on the idea that the only customers we have are overseas.

We need to start thinking about creating an economy which is focused on each other as customers.