Editorial: Private is still private

Tuesday, July 5 2016

Whichever side of the Potlatch discussion one comes down on, the current state of the properties in question are that they are privately owned.

Not public parks, not crown land, not in any way open to the public for public use. At least not officially.

Even this past weekend, some enterprising motorcyclists were seen exiting the private land on to the dead end of Church Street. Unless they had the permission of the current owner to be there, those bikers were most certainly trespassing.

And there’s the rub. When we suggest that somehow we’re going to retain the viewpoints on the west end of the receiver parcels, or continue to be able to walk the trails - we’re talking about usages which are there only because past and current owners have not enforced any trespassing rules.

And we’d be fooling ourselves if we think nothing will change if our community turns down the proposal. Maybe the current owners will leave things as they are - but future ones might not.

This isn’t to say the Trustees should - or shouldn’t - approve the proposal. 

Merely to say the status quo is not something the public can benefit from - or count on continuing ad infinitum.