Editorial: the pointless Site C Dam


Tuesday, November 8 2016

In the history of infrastructure megaprojects ever attempted in the Province of BC, there has never been one attempted on the scale of the Site C Dam on the Peace River. And in the history of BC, there has never been a more useless project.

A $9 billion boondoggle, which taxpayers will be paying out for decades on.

BC still produces enough electrical power to meet existing demand - there’s also enough power being created to meet demand well into the future. Those tracking electrical usage in the province can show the increase in demand is actually slowing down since BC Hydro and the Province began the Site C journey. There’s no other market out there for Site C if BC residents don’t need the power. Other markets (such as Alberta) are more than capable of finding their own electricity, much more efficiently than having it rip down kilometers of wire.

There will be almost 65 square kilometers (Gabriola is 57.6 km2) of farmland flooded, representing the single largest withdrawal from the Agricultural Land Reserve in BC history.

The only beneficiaries to Site C are the corporations with the contracts to build the dam, and the people they hire to do the work.

Job creation alone is not enough reason to spend $9 billion on a dam. If BC has $9 billion to spend, it should be on alternative energy creation of the micro, not the macro. 

Solar, tidal, geothermal, wind, anything. 

But not another dam.