Editorial: Trudeau is gaming us all


Wednesday, September 5 2018

All this talk of the Tran-Mountain pipeline. Let’s head down a rabbit hole. Flash back to a few years ago, when those in favour and against the Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion were both trying to push a wannabe young Prime Minister into their camp.

“Say yes Justin!” “Say no Justin!”

Based on a lot of things said in BC about ensuring due process; consulting with First Nations; wanting to actually do something about climate change; and the fact that he was ‘not Stephen Harper,’ Trudeau’s Liberals earned some west coast seats in the House and started running the federal government.

Since then, they’ve systematically broken all their promises about due process and consulting with First Nations. They’ve purchased a leaky old pipeline. And then they wanted to help built the new one. And we all are asking, “why Justin?”

Thankfully the courts have turned the expansion down.

But Trudeau is craftier than that. At some point, he and his advisors figured out that they were facing a Kobayashi Maru.

Trade agreements with China (made by the Harper Government) meant that if the pipeline were shut down, China  (a major stakeholder in the Alberta oil sands industry) could sue the Government of Canada for loss of profit.

If the pipeline went ahead, they were sure to have anti-pipeliners lining the streets.

The motions were made to move the pipeline ahead, and then those against the pipeline brought it into the courts.

Now, when China comes calling for lost profits, and taxpayers across the country are railing about the payoff, Trudeau can say he tried to stop it, but those NDP and their anti-pipeline friends brought it on us. And by the way, Trudeau can say, this is still all Stephen Harper’s fault, so please let the Liberals have one more shot to make it right.