End of Year Meltdown

Janina Stajic


Monday, December 17 2012

You know you’re burning the candle at too many ends when you start to think how great it would be to break an arm or a leg just so you’d be forced to lie in bed all day eating bonbons hopefully delivered to you by a fine looking nurse. But what’s a girl to do when there are so many delightful things to, well, do? I want to spend time with family, have a drink with friends, sing in a choir, volunteer for various organizations, get to all the fantastic events on Gabriola, exercise, read, work (yes overall I do like to work!), knit, travel, write a book, ski, surf the net, cook, travel, take courses – the list is endless. And that doesn’t even include all those mundane things one has to do like clean toilets and take out the kitty litter. Short of giving up all my other interests and work and family to devote my time to developing a time-turner à la Hermione’s in Harry Potter, I think instead I better take the advice of my ten-year-old son who said, “You can still do everything, you just don’t have to do everything right now!” Ah the wisdom of the young[er]. Because of course, he’s absolutely right. Even though bonbons and cute nurses does sound appealing I think I’ll opt for the more responsible choice and just learn to pace myself, right after I finish running around organizing everything for Christmas that is.
Happy holidays everyone!