Every minimum wage should be the same

Tuesday, August 22 2017

This past week, the NDP Government announced it has the end goal of bringing BC up to a $15 minimum wage, though there is no overall time period on when that end goal will happen. 

For now, the government is going to make the jump from $10.85 to $11.35 as of September 15, 2017. 

As in, three weeks from now.

It’s a good step - any hopefully what it means is if the minimum wage goes up, more cash flows around small communities, and all businesses see a revenue increase (even if there’s also an expense increase.)

The rotten side of the increase is the NDP are maintaining a different minimum wage for liquor servers at $10.10.

That’s more than a dollar less an hour than everyone else once the increase goes into effect. And it’s lower than the current minimum wage. It seems the all-powerful restaurant lobby has the ear of any party in power. 

Some servers are making the legal minimum wage, some who earn more, and there are probably some working under the table who make less.

It shouldn’t matter if servers are given tips - their wage should be their wage should be their wage. 

Tips are a bonus. An extra. A thank you for good service, and a way to make up for customers who are less than agreeable. 

Tips are the only benefit to being a server, and barely make up for having to deal with way too many offers of phone numbers and or unsolicited requests to go for drinks after shift. Not to mention a portion of those tips are ‘tipped out’ to the kitchen and other non-serving staff - all of whom make (at the least) the real minimum wage.

Let’s also not forget, the income tax loss the government takes as well, on all those servers, all over the province, paying less income tax per hour than anyone else on minimum wage.

If we’re going to have a minimum wage, we should not be having a special minimum wage for one specific job.

This is a first step - the NDP Government has said it will be moving forward to a $15/hr minimum.

However BC gets to that wage, it needs to be the same minimum wage for everyone.