Ferry line needs fixing

Wednesday, June 26 2019

Name calling, spitting, and all manner of negative behaviour. And literally hundreds of people witnessing people making illegal u-turns in a panic to get on the next boat.

And there’s nary a peep from BC Ferries on what the solution should be, other than, “it’ll get better when the new boats get here.” That’s scheduled for 2022...three summers more!

Flaggers - that would be a start. BCF has hired them on other routes. According to BC Ferries that is only to keep people from blocking driveways. As said before in this space, surely safety of customers and the general public is just as important as keeping driveways clear. <shrug>

MOTI could put up temporary dividers - having spent millions of dollars in doing so on the Malahat as temporary measures, doing it for a two to three year span on Gabriola is physically possible.

RCMP are willing to lay charges if someone is willing to get a plate number, a description of the driver, and be willing to stand up in court as a witness. RCMP have also advised to avoid confrontation in the moment, and just get the license plate and description.

However it’s done, there has to be a solution - because those lines aren’t getting shorter, and neither are the tempers.