Ferry lineup needs control


Tuesday, August 14 2018

BC Ferries says it is not able to have staff conduct traffic control. Hiring private contractors to do that for the entire time the ferry is operating is cost prohibitive.

The Transportation Ministry says responsibility for conducting traffic for the ferry lineup lies with BC Ferries, not the Ministry.

Volunteers shouldn’t do it. 1. Not safe. 2. That’s giving both BC Ferries and MOTI the easy way out by covering their cost with the cost of our volunteer time.

Instead, we get the RCMP members feeling a responsibility to be the ones out there trying to keep the roadway safe. Taking time to deal with that when they could be dealing with any other number of issues we expect out of them.

Perhaps the RCMP should start invoicing BC Ferries or the Ministry for time spent dealing with the lineup.

That, or a lawsuit if someone is killed, are sure to be more cost prohibitive than getting someone on the road during the busy times, say 8:30am to 3pm, Tuesday to Friday and Sundays.

The issue is not going away, and will not go away, for at least three more years when, universe willing, Gabriola is slated to be the first route to get shovels in the ground for a new terminal. Until then, lineup issues will continue and potentially grow, with no relief in sight.