For those we love... ...and those we don’t know


Wednesday, March 18 2020

Staying home and keeping to ourselves is a good step.

We need everyone who can stay home, to please stay home.

Recognizing, not everyone can stay home from work.

If we’re going to have stores open, for people to re-stock, we need people in those stores, stocking shelves, taking money, and making sure the rest of us have access to supplies.

There’s going to be a whole lot of people who work in health care - a really big field - who also will not be able to work from home.

For those who have been out of the country, even if not showing any kind of sickness, stay home.

For those who can work from home, stay home.

Listen to the ones who know what this is. The BC Centre for Disease Control is a good place for information.

This is a way for us to be the most polite of Canadians and do the right thing in an event that is bigger than ourselves. 

Ask a friend to make that grocery stop. If someone’s coming in to do some work, give the area they’re working in a cleaning so as not to expose them.

This is a really, really, really big mess.

Staying home, if showing any signs of sickness, is key.

And will help everyone who is still out in public, trying to keep some of the cogs spinning while we try to flatten the curve.

And, weeks from now, as we recover collectively, buy local.