Free shipping isn’t really free for locals


Wednesday, October 14 2020

Shop Local, then ship it.

According to Canada Post, in a survey it had conducted in June, 48% of Canadian shoppers plan on spending mostly or exclusively online this coming holiday season. 

As well, 54% were open to begin shopping in October or early November. 

In a non-pandemic year, the annual holiday surge can and does overwhelm capacity and can cause delays in parcels and presents arriving at their destination.

What Canada Post, and the online giants haven’t pointed out, is that by shopping at those online giants and then shipping direct to our loved ones, we’re not supporting a local business in our community - or in theirs.

It’s really tempting when the worries of the world have one awake at 2am to go online for some retail therapy, and get the holiday shopping done.

Especially since many purchases are shipped for free.

But that free shipping has a cost - if we aren’t spending locally.

Instead of sending yet one more piece of plastic off in a pre-wrapped box - shop local. Fill a box with products from Gabriola, and send that off to loved ones.

Plan ahead - if loved ones are going to visit the island sometime down the road, send locally-made cards with notes of promised adventures, or gift cards for local stores.

Shop direct from artists and artisans on Gabriola.

Shop direct from local retailers, even if it’s shoes, socks, or some other ‘useful’ kind of gift, purchasing those gifts on island means our local friends and family benefit from the purchase; and our loved ones afar know their gift came from our island.