Get BC Government out of liquor and pot business


Tuesday, May 1 2018

The BC Government has decided, in infinite wisdom, to put the same people responsible for our archaic liquor laws in charge of selling cannabis in BC.

It’s one thing to say, “we have a bureaucracy in place, let’s use it for this too.” For that to work, one needs to have a functional bureaucracy in place. According to the latest release, BC will also be having online sales. That’s not fair - not like we can just log on to the web and order our liquor. (Not like anyone would get what they had ordered anyways....)

The entire liquor distribution system in BC is under review - for numerous reasons that it is inefficient; and does nothing to further good business or provide consumers with the best price. BC would have been better to use cannabis legalization to change both pot and liquor into a pure private business, tax the whole lot of it, and let the private owners deal with the business of running things. 

Better income for business, lower operational cost for government, and tax dollars for all of us.