Give life.


Wednesday, April 10 2019

If there’s one thing people of different faiths can agree on, we can’t take our organs or tissues with us when we go.

Hit up the internet, and do a search for all the crazy things people have wanted to be buried with when they die.

Whether it’s cars, or artwork, or jewels, there are millions of dollars in ‘things’ being buried with people when they die.

All of that pales in comparison when we consider the value of organs cremated, buried, or otherwise lost forever while someone, somewhere, is on a list waiting for them.

According to the BC Ministry of Health, there are currently 680 people in BC waiting for a transplant.

Green Shirt Day was launched this year, on the one year anniversary of the Humboldt tragedy - in memory of Logan Boulet, one of the young men who died. Boulet had made his choice to be an organ donor at the young age of 21.

Because of the choice made by Boulet, and thousands of other people across Canada, other people have another chance at a new life.

Just this year, Nova Scotia went to an ‘opt-out’ program for organ donation. Meaning people will need to opt-out, rather than opt-in, to being an organ donor.

In BC, we still need to opt-in. For those unsure of whether they are registered as an organ donor, visit: - and enter your personal health number.

Or stop in at any Service BC location. But please register.

In a province of 4.7 million people, imagine how many potential donors there walking around with the gift of life inside them.