Hardcore History

Aaron Holmes

Nov. 17 Column

Wednesday, November 18 2015

Nobody wins in war, even though some survivors come out on the side that loses less.

Most of us haven’t seen war, combat, or even much of a civil disturbance. We’ve had it pretty easy here. Part of that is geography. We’re surrounded by three oceans and a friendly superpower. Another part is thanks to the shield provided by our clandestine, military, and police services. Another part is thanks to the sacrifices of those who have gone before us.

Living in peace and freedom is a blessing that is easy to take for granted. Our ancestors had to deal with horrors we can’t remember or imagine. Horrors we’d desperately wish to avoid if we even understood them.

We live behind a shield we mostly forget, and in the freedom dearly bought by people we never met.

We weren’t there. With luck and good governance we’ll never have to be. Instead, we continue to live in the peace and freedom that those who fought and died for our country wanted for us.

Remembering what happened helps us keep it from happening again. For those of us who weren’t there, remembering is abstract. It’s a vague notion that war is bad.

We owe it to ourselves to put some meat on the bones of what we remember on remembrance day. Here’s how: track down a podcast called “Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History”. His six-part series “Blueprint for Armageddon” puts the first world war in context and will remind you why we remember.

Never again.