Help is available

Tuesday, July 4 2017

Dear Editor,

All of us are trying to process the news of the tragic death of the young cyclist at the ferry terminal. Intellectually we all know life is fragile, but our busy lives rarely give us time to reflect this fact of life. A tragic event like this can trigger a range of emotional responses, depending on our own experiences, or if we personally knew the person, or if we were present at the accident, or if we can’t get the image out of our minds. Each of us responds differently; talking about our thoughts and feelings is often the best way to incorporate these kinds of tragic and unexplainable events. If you want someone to talk to please call the Vancouver Crisis Line which is staffed 24 hours at 1-888-494-3888. Or you can call either Cathy Fox, Gabriola’s mental health nurse, at 250 -755-3368, or Angela Pounds, Gabriola’s community social worker, at 250- 802- 4946. Living in a community where everyone’s life is valued and is precious is an indicator of a healthy community.   

~ Brenda Fowler, Executive Director, People for a Healthy Community.