High fuel prices will drive electric conversions


Tuesday, May 8 2018

Proponents of pipelines keep saying if the Kinder Morgan pipeline is approved, gas prices will go down. Even if the two things were actually connected (they’re not....) BC can get serious about going electric. Electric cars, bikes, trucks, trains. 

Electric everything. Especially if we’re going to be stuck with the Site C dam. We should at the very least take advantage of all the electricity that will put into the BC Hydro grid.

Not everyone is going to be able to afford to go electric right now - but the more people who do it now will mean there are more used ones available later for those who purchase in the lower end of the price range. Putting more demand out there for electric may also bring in vehicle producers who work in the lower price range.

Whether it’s e-bikes, electric vehicles built for highway use, or low-speed electric cars (legal with MOTI inspection on Gabriola’s north end), it can and will happen.

Sorry pipeliners, but the threat of expensive gas is not going to convince west coasters to put in the pipeline. It will encourage us to look for alternative ways of getting around.