Housing needs to be top priority


Wednesday, November 28 2018

Housing, housing, and more housing.

Doesn’t matter where one looks in BC, housing needs to be a priority.

Apparently over in the Lower Mainland, they’re having to limit homes built on ALR to under 5,400 square feet.

Just imagine...such limitations.

Good grief.

For ‘sensible’ Gabriola, it’s a matter of stock. For better or worse (for density’s sake?) or for other reasons, we don’t have enough housing to house any of the demographics on the island.

We don’t have enough housing for seniors or the infirm to move into.

We don’t have enough housing for boomers to retire into.

We don’t have enough housing for families of any age to grow into.

We don’t have enough housing for young people wanting to share with each other so they can fill the jobs they rotate through like a never-ending carousel.

And Nanaimo - let alone the rest of the province - is not a realistic pressure valve. There is no housing.

The Trustees are right to make housing a top priority. 

The Trustees last term made good headway in picking the easy-hanging fruit. 

Bringing in the possibility of having secondary suites where secondary dwellings were already legal - this made total sense.

The LTC will now have to go after some harder issues now.  Issues like density. Multi-family housing. 

And waiting for a proposal to actually come forward.