If the attainable housing toolbox is expanded, someone still needs to use it


Tuesday, January 19 2016

There is very worthy work being done by members of the Advisory Planning Commission to try and put recommendations forward to the Local Trust Committee on how to make attainable housing happen on Gabriola.

The work being done on attainable housing by the Trustees and staff is attempting to have the horse ready for when there is a cart.

The problem is, there are so many ways to tackle attainable housing.

The point being, the Trustees have a huge shopping list available to them when it comes to tools for tackling attainable housing. 

The Advisory Planning Commission has held two meetings to date to try and come up with recommendations for the Gabriola LTC to tackle Attainable Housing. 

There are community members present, the Trustees are present as observers, and staff is able to help guide the discussion within the realms of what is current and what is possible.

This is good work. Tedious, but necessary. The toolbox for attainable housing needs expanding.

Who is not present is investors. Funders. Developers.

Those non-profit organizations and for-profit developers who might be the ones who look at everything that is possible to build. They are the ones who would make a decision on if there is a business or financial case for actually building attainable housing. 

The social case is powerful, but whatever tools the Trustees make available, in the end there will need to be someone ready to use those tools to get it built.