“If they do it properly, most people won’t notice”

Gabriola Ferry Advisory Committee

Submitted Article

Monday, December 9 2013

“Coastal communities will be braced for a ferry apocalypse,” said B.C. Ferries CEO Mike Corrigan a year ago about the province’s potential changes to ferry services.

“But if they [the province] do it properly, most people won’t notice.”

Here’s what Gabriola ferry users have told us at the Gabriola FAC about the planned ferry cuts:

• I’ll have to give up coaching evening hockey.

• I need the late ferries to get home from late classes at VIU.

• I need late ferries to get home from Vancouver after medical treatment.

• We won’t be able to go to choir practices.

• I’m a nurse - the late ferries are vital to me.

• Our hockey team would have to fold.

• I don’t like the way this is being done - they should consider the public’s ideas.

• How can I change my shifts? I’ve only just moved here..

• I can’t change my work hours because of my university classes.

• This is going to cost taxpayers up to $10,000 for me to attend evening meetings (RDN Director).

• A huge impact on house prices on the island.

• This would mean a huge loss to our business on Gabriola.

• We take dance classes on Gabriola. This will hit the viability of those classes.

• I deliver food three times a week to Gabriola. Without the 11:30 p.m. ferry, I couldn’t do it within my working hours..

• We set up music workshops on Gabriola. Late performances would have to be cancelled.

• Tell Christy Clark to go to hell!

• A disaster to the economy of Nanaimo and livelihood of Gabriola residents.

• I have to take the 7:30 p.m. Greyhound bus from UVic in Victoria. I can’t catch the 9:25 p.m. [boat].

• We’ll have to reconsider where we’re living. Teens can’t join in sports and social events.

• Bump the 9:25 p.m. sailing to 10:00 p.m. so we can catch the ferry from Horseshoe Bay.

• I couldn’t come over to perform at the coffee house.

• I work at Victoria Airport. This is causing me to think about leaving Gabriola.

• I can’t leave. This is my home.

• The cost to transport medical evacuations will go up.

• This would be devastating for friendships.

• Being able to connect with other transport services is hugely important.

• All this year’s grads say they will leave if this happens.

• This will eliminate young people from the island.

• These changes will kill our island.

• Please don’t cancel the last boat.

• Students don’t pay full cost of schools; patients don’t pay full cost of healthcare. Why ferries?

• You’re not listening to us. This consultation is fake.

• This would deeply affect the communities of Gabriola and Nanaimo. Study the whole picture!

We think they noticed.