Implement Active Transportation


Wednesday, November 13 2019

“The Province is looking for public input to help develop a new strategy that will better prepare B.C. communities for the impacts of climate change.”

That was the headline sent out by the BC Government this past week as they opened up yet another consultation with the people of British Columbia.

Further into the release, it is stated, “People can share their thoughts until Jan. 10, 2020, through an online questionnaire, discussion forum and written submissions. Additional opportunities for public input will follow in early 2020, with the release of the final climate preparedness and adaptation strategy later in the year.”

Great. The BC Government wants to try and do something about climate change.

The thing is, they have at least 47 possible solutions in the Active Transportation Plan. Even those 47 recommendations revolved around transportation - every one of them could also be a guideline for improving how BC has an impact on the climate.

Across the Rockies, the BC Carbon Tax is deemed by some to be a failure, because the overall BC emissions continue to rise. Critics of the Carbon Tax fail to mention that our population in BC is growing faster than our carbon emissions per person are dropping. So the overall result is an increase.

Imagine what it would be without the tax.

Transportation is one of the key targets for how each of us can have direct control on what our climate impact is.

While both Climate Change and Active Transporation are laudable and necessary steps for the government to take - it should be a holistic approach. 

Not yet one more consultation to tell us that the people of BC want to see ways to reduce their impact. That part is clear.