In 2017, privatize Christy Clark


Tuesday, January 3 2017

Tis the year to privatize Christy Clark.

There is going to be a lot of attention paid to the fact that Canada is turning 150 years old.

We can’t forget that in a few short months, BC residents will be heading to the voting booth to decide on if we’re going to keep Premier Clark and the rest of the BC Liberals in power - or give the NDP a chance to show us whether they can do a better job.

The last time we went through a provincial election, everyone (including a lot of Liberal supporters) thought for sure the NDP would win.

Yet somehow, Clark and Co. pulled it off.

We’ve had four more years of spin doctoring thanks to that win, and one can only hope the BC voters have finally seen through the veneer.

This is a government which insisted on carrying taxpayer dollars through the courts to fight (and lose to) the teachers’ union. 

A government which continues to push a failed LNG agenda. The LNG market, which looked lucrative ten years ago, has been flooded by other countries.

This government continues to push farmers off their land to build the Site C dam. A dam which will put BC taxpayers billions of dollars in debt for decades to come to provide a resource no one in BC or any other market needs. 

The only people winning with Site C are Liberal supporters involved in building Site C. Thus the fact Clark is pushing it past the point of no return before the election.

Some would say Clark has stood up for BC with regards to pipelines. It’s easy to stand up when there’s a re-election looming, and one can wait till after the election to make a final decision. Should the Liberals win, expect all those Made-in-BC requirements Clark touts be left in the dust as the Kinder Morgan pipeline gets full provincial approval.

BC voters cannot allow this government to run the province for another four years. Clark needs to be downsized, and set free back into the private sector.