In response to Paul MacEwan’s July 8 letter in the Sounder re: Mountain biking 

Wednesday, July 15 2020

Response to Paul MacEwan letter in July 8 Sounder


Here, here! I fully support Paul’s sentiments. I agree and add my support to his suggestion that we have a multi-use trail conversation. I am sure there are many communities we can learn from within the RDN - from Cumberland and Hornby Island, to the heart of West Coast mountain biking on the North Shore - as to how to integrate the spectrum of ridership and usage. 

As a quick snapshot of who we are and where we are headed: I am a rider, and my three children are riders, ages 8 -15. I was hopeful from the moment we moved here that we would engage the Gabriola landscape this way, and these past four months saw this dream take shape, even going beyond my expectations. My family, as a group of four, logged close to 500 km in the 707 according to my 10 year old’s passion project of mapping our routes and measuring it out afterwards, and my eldest logged much more as he is riding on his own almost every day. All of us are starting to gain in our skills and are growing in our interest to explore our edges and abilities. We ride in and ride out from South Road by Wildwood each ride, and it is clear we are becoming keen to see more, and to change up our experiences and routes. 

As riders we use our bells, and we use a spotter when we want to sail down hills and turn onto blind corners. We enjoy meeting fellow walkers and bikers and I am teaching my kids to yield without exception. I am hoping this mentorship will lead them to be good ambassadors of the trail system. I am hoping my children do not feel they have to leave the island to get what they are looking for as they advance and grow. The youth of this island have my support and I see my own children being fascinated and excited by the prospect of advanced riding opportunities right here.

~ Jenny Ivany, Trail rider and mother of three riders