In response to the Jan 19 letter, “Why are Mudge and DeCourcy Islanders being asked to pay for GERTIE?”

Tuesday, January 26 2016

The gentleman from Mudge who doesn’t want to pay for GERTIE because he will never use it appears to be dwelling in some kind of Ayn Rand fantasy land and has forgotten just what sort of polity he actually lives in. All greater Vancouverites, for example, pay a transit levy on gasoline to help support regional transit whether they choose to use it or not. As a Gabriolan, my taxes support the maintenance of roads in northern BC that I shall never drive on. Likewise, we all fund BC Med whether we need to access its services or not. 

Using his own inflated figures (judging from the numbers in Steve Earle’s article) his property would appear to be assessed at somewhere around $700,000. The true figure of his annual GERTIE assessment would thus be about half his own estimate; mere pocket change, presumably, for someone who lives in such a residence and can also afford to moor a boat in Nanaimo. 

But if he still objects, here’s a suggestion - why don’t you lend us your boat to go to and from Nanaimo and we’ll forget about the assessment? As my dear old Cockney grandmother once pithily observed, “Poor people is the most gen’rous people in the world. We mus’ be - tha’s why we’re poor!

Vote yes for GERTIE!

~ David Bouvier