In Sickness

Aaron Holmes

Jan. 5 column

Tuesday, January 5 2016

In sickness...

When you’re sick, nothing feels achievable, nothing feels positive, nothing feels good. It’s miserable.

Take a break, hunker down, and get through it. Things will better when you’re healthy again.

Then comes the valuable part. Remember what it was like when you were sick. Here’s why: When you’re feeling better again, it’s your chance to make the best of things.

Don’t procrastinate, you might be sick when you need to get something done on a deadline.

Instead, commit to getting things done while you can, while you feel good.

Your personal sense of well-being is too easy to take for granted when you’re feeling ok. The everyday struggles can sometimes get you down, but knowing that today is a day that you feel ok might be the oar you need to paddle out of whatever creek you find yourself in.

Pro tip: You can do this without getting sick. Realize that you’re not immobile on a couch with a bowl nearby, and recognize that things are ok.

Expressing gratitude for feeling ok will set a make-hay while the sun shines tone for the day.

Feeling under the weather is a painful reminder of how good you usually feel on other days. It’s a silver lining that remind you to take advantage of the opportunity a day feeling healthy can provide.

While you’re at it, wash your hands, cook your turkey properly, set yourself up for another healthy day tomorrow. Then make it count.