“Island Time Two”

Tuesday, July 4 2017

Re: “Island Time,” contributed by Heather Menzies to the Sounder.

In July of 1990 I walked through the door of Raven Feed looking for cat food, and up near the top of a long ladder I saw the then-owner, a tall blond young woman. She turned at the sound of the door opening and she beamed down a smile. I looked behind me quickly to see who she was smiling at - and saw that I was the only one in the doorway.

For our kibbitzing, our part-info/part contact encounters, the time taken talking depends mostly on the mood of the people meeting (unless one of them is running for the ferry). In the fall of 1990 I saw a novel version of this on Taylor Bay Road as I was driving up to D’Pizza (which is now Robert’s). Ahead in my lane a red pickup was stopped, and the driver appeared to be chatting with the driver of a grey pickup stopped in the other lane, window to window. So I stopped and listened as I waited, but I didn’t hear talking. Finally the grey pickup guy yawned mightily and asked his friend, “Ummm, do you know what time it is?” After a pause, the red pickup guy said, “Yah, I think it’s Tuesday.” Then they geared up and drove on, and as the grey pickup passed me, the driver raised a lackadaisical hand to me, and nodded once.

Now it’s 27 years later and, yes, we’re still talking on Gabriola. And smiling, the way you can’t really do in an email, emoji or no emoji. 

This is good for all of us and, yes, especially good for semi-hermits like me.

Welcome to Gabriola.

So now, who will write “Island Time Three”?    

~ Dale Stark