It was such a small thing

Jane Reddington

Sounder Staff

Tuesday, February 21 2017

I came in through the garden gate, in the afternoon sun, and as I was closing the gate, I looked at the garden bed and saw three tiny crocus buds like little golden jewels against the black earth. The snow has gone now, and as these first buds opened their glorious little bonnets, I was filled with the hope of Spring.

We are through February now, and March is at the door, days away but bringing Spring at last! In this final month of Winter, with all the snow and rain, it has felt like we may never escape the cold and the darkness. 

With a half hour before dinner was ready, I decided to venture back out into the garden and in the dying afternoon light, I pawed back the dead leaves, broke brittle lily stalks in my hand and cleared the debris that has been waiting for attention since November.

I am down to the last garden bed now (having done several beds between the snowfalls), and will go out for a half hour a few times this week. I will section off the bed and slowly I will clear it, enlisting my big, strong son to carry the debris to the compost, where my husband swears we should put our garden weeds and fallen leaves.

Seeing the brown earth, digging my shovel into it, and clipping the hydrangea heads back to the point where I can see the new buds coming, fills me with hope and a sense of wonder. The light is returning along with the warmer nights. I have perhaps another week to enjoy the crocus buds. I will take a moment each time I come in the front gate to think of their promise. These are the joys of Winter and the glories of a Spring to come.