Justifiably Outraged

Janina Stajic


Monday, March 5 2012

What a week for those of us who love to wear our righteous indignation hats. First, there was talk of what even tough-on-crime Texas Republicans are calling a debacle: Harper’s crime bill focused on imprisoning as many Canadians as possible. How delightful. Those Texans know it’s doomed because they’ve been there, done that. The result? A higher rate of crime and billions of dollars spent. Even worse, they discovered it’s cheaper to put people on probation, parole or (what a concept) get them treatment. But Harper & Co. can’t see the light for the prison bars so soon our taxpayer dollars will be going to lock up our fellow Canadians. Worst it will be at the expense of social programs aimed at keeping people from becoming offenders. Oh, the irony.
Then there’s the robo-call fiasco. My jaw hit the floor when a radio pundit suggested the calls were irrelevant because “the ridings where they occurred were guaranteed to be won by Conservatives.” Are you listening boys and girls? Cheat as long as it doesn’t change the outcome of a race.
And speaking of boys and girls how ‘bout them education shenanigans? Although the teachers are in danger of losing the publicity battle by keeping their demand for a 15 per cent raise, they’re right to make a stand. Because anyone with a whit of intelligence knows our education system (which now has schools with unsafe levels of lead in the water and classrooms overflowing with children, many needing extra support because of learning or behavioural difficulties which they aren’t getting) is in crisis. Which doesn’t reflect well on the Liberals, does it? It’s too much for one girl to take. So I’m putting on my sun hat and heading south.
The politics might be as bad, but at least they’re accompanied by sunshine and margaritas.

Janina Stajic is an editor and internationally published writer based on Gabriola Island, BC. Her blog can be found at www.hob-bl.blogspot.com/