Keeping good mental health over the holidays


Tuesday, December 22 2015

Thank the universe for the holidays. Without holidays, we wouldn’t know what ‘normal’ is.

Christmas (or whatever anyone else wants to call it) is a wonderful time of year for gathering with loved ones. It is also the time of year when those who are challenged with mental health or substance abuse issues feel especially stressed and anxious.

Be they adults, youth, or children, the day to day struggles they go through can be extra difficult when combined with the stress most people feel around the holidays.

For some, even getting together with friends once a month can be exhausting - put that in to a holiday perspective. Or the idea of buying gifts - the pressure to take part in the gift exchanges at work, home, with friends.

For anyone out there who is needing help managing mental health through the holidays, there are a number of people on and off Gabriola available to talk to and provide that help.

And if there is someone who seems a bit off, or is just taking a quiet moment at the Christmas supper - check in, make sure things are ok - and realize they might just need a moment to take a deep breath. Or they might need someone to talk to.

Provincial Mental Health and Substance Use information web site:

Central Vancouver Island Crisis Line: (250) 754-4447