Keeping those New Year’s resolutions

Jane Reddington

Sounder Staff

Tuesday, January 3 2017

We are already three days into January and I wonder if you have made New Year’s resolutions and if you are keeping them? I made a list in December, not necessarily of resolutions, but things I want to try to do more of.

These things include continuing on with my French studies, walking every day, and taking up a few new pursuits like badminton or Zumba. The point is to be more active and take better care of my body. 

My sweet tooth has become a prime factor in trying to reshape my eating habits. I have been guilty of planning my diet around what sugary treats I can indulge in and still get away with fitting into my clothes, which seems so silly, but it rings true because sugar and chocolate do alter my mood and make me nicer to live with.

In 2017, I resolve to eat less, move more and have more space for new experiences. I want to travel, I want to go camping and get on at least two airplanes that cross international borders.

Travel for me is a great reset button. Only in the last three years has my family been able to afford to take trips and I have enjoyed every one of them because I’ve been able to return to Gabriola and appreciate my life here more because I’ve felt more like a citizen of the world. I’ve realized what I’ve always known, I’m just one little life amongst billions of people going about their lives on this planet. 

I’m always astounded by the world beyond our shores and I want to see more of it, talk to more people and know that generally what’s important to them are the same things that are important to me.

Love, health, family and living in a country free from war. We are so lucky in Canada, and our quality of life is so high. It makes me happy that we are able to help others, to open our borders and welcome people from all different countries and religions to the true north strong and free.

What resolutions are you thinking of? Perhaps it’s enough to just keep fighting the good fight. Doing right for neighbours and friends, making the most of every day and never taking for granted each and every blessing in our lives that may be easy to forget when the credit card statement from December rolls in.