Leap Manifesto

Aaron Holmes

Guest Editorial

Tuesday, April 19 2016

Spooked? Look before you leap to conclusions.

What does it actually call for? Read it all at leapmanifesto.org. Highlights:

It calls for “training and resources for workers in carbon-intensive jobs, ensuring they are fully able to participate in the clean energy economy.”

It calls for “building and retrofitting energy efficient housing”. It calls for infrastructure investment. It calls for clean community energy systems.

It calls for local, healthy, affordable food.

It calls for high speed rail, votes that matter, indigenous rights, worker protection and national childcare.

It challenges us to be the best we can be, now and in the future. But we’re spooked. Here’s why:

By suggesting out loud that we shouldn’t build “projects that lock us into increased extraction decades into the future” it’s misinterpreted as a threat to the working families that rely on fossil-fuel related industries.

We’re resilient, creative, brave and resourceful. Realizing the changes this manifesto proposes will take a generation.

Energy sector workers and their families will be in high demand maintaining their clean community energy systems.

The other thing about fossil energy is that it’s never the end product. It’s not what you want when you buy it.

You don’t want natural gas, you want a warm house and hot water. You don’t want gasoline, you want transportation. You don’t want oil-sand, you want money to buy toys and to take care of your family.

Climate change is a big deal. 

The Leap Manifesto proposes a responsible way forward. 

Don’t be so spooked.