Letter: A Different Side of the Covid Argument

Wednesday, June 23 2021


I come from a long line of gamblers. When I was little someone was always reading the newspaper, watching t.v., or listening to the radio – all with an eye on the result of a race involving horses, dogs, or the outcome of a football match, and the possibility of pulling off a big cash windfall. Obviously it rubbed off, because I view just about everything as a kind of gambling game, and for me Covid is nothing different. It’s a gambling game with winning, losing and odds.

Often in the media, people who do not wish to be vaccinated are characterized as weird, conspiracy theorists. I’m not that. I don’t think anyone has any grand, evil plan to take over the world. I just don’t believe in taking medications if I don’t need them. When I taught in the district, each year we were offered flu vaccines, and most of the time I didn’t get one, and I don’t think I missed any more days than any of my colleagues. This doesn’t mean I’m an anti-vaxxer; I’ve been vaccinated for all kinds of things. I’ve never smoked, I only drink alcohol on occasion, I’ve kept myself fairly fit my whole life, and I eat and sleep well. If I catch Covid, I’m betting on myself, but here’s the rub; because I’m not going to get vaccinated for Covid 19, I’m going to be discriminated against.

That’s the part I don’t understand. A lot of my friends are getting vaccinated, so they should be fine around me, even if I get Covid – they’re protected. So what’s all this talk about vaccine passports and only allowing vaccinated people to concerts and other special events? Could someone please enlighten me? 

~ Glen Murphy