Letter: A rooster solution

Tuesday, April 5 2016

A rooster solution: I was amazed at the vehemence in the “rooster chronicles” as ex-urban, neo-rural agrarians size up the urbanites for a contest of wills.

Poor roosters caught in the middle. I thought maybe a rooster sanctuary would suffice to keep the warring factions at bay. You know, island-like, start a society, apply for a RCVG (Rooster Collaborative Visioning Grant), protest, et al. Then my neighbour built a pen for four, just outside my writer’s study window. All day long the roosters advertise their pecker-power. Hard to work on my writings. But then came a solution. For as long as I’ve had a studio and a writer’s study, I love to play music – loud – while I work. It dawned on me: share the music. I opened the windows and turned my speakers outward. Turns out, roosters love music. Especially the rocking sound of Joe Bonamassa and the tenor triumph of Pavarotti. Everyone’s happy.

~ Gerrit Verstraete