Letter: Another thought about the Potlatch density proposal

Tuesday, July 26 2016

A considerable number of people opposing the proposal to shift one parcel of land from Forestry to Resource, the other parcel to become one with smaller lots than currently allowed, are making it clear that their opposition is closely related to their concern about the owner’s wealth. 

It is true that many of us feel uncomfortable about the apparent power of great wealth to do things the rest of us can never do. However, focusing on this seems likely to avoid the more important issue.

The creation of increased community park areas (increasing the size of the 707 Park and the Cox Community Park) would benefit all Gabriola substantially. We now have less community park space than any other of the Gulf Islands apparently, and this transfer would make a big difference for all of us and would last for all future generations. 

The desire to protect Forestry density area as Forestry assumes it will remain full of tall trees. It won’t. I was surprised 20 years ago to discover “Forestry” means land for owners to cut down trees, sell to whomever and leave the area barren. Yes, trees grow back, but slowly.

There are likely some disadvantages to this proposal but the advantages seem to me to outweigh the disadvantages by a large amount. More discussion among friends on both sides may help open the varying thoughts on this question to a clearer understanding.

~ Kit Szanto